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20+ Product Photography Prop Ideas and How To Use Them

Despite having cabinets stuffed to the brim with all sorts of items, there are certain props that product photographers will reach for over and over again. These simple product photography prop ideas will help you bring your photos to life!

When you first start out, opt for a “less is more” approach and slowly add to your collection as you see fit. There’s no sense in investing in a bunch of props you don’t need quite yet. By choosing props that work in a variety of situations you can save money, save space and also be more efficient while you work. 

Whether you’re a beginner photographer or an expert, these are 20 plus product photography prop ideas that you’ll want to add to your collection:


There’s nothing more fun than a trip to your local supermarket to stock up on some beautiful fresh fruit props! Make sure to pick your fruit props carefully, look for the freshest, most brightly colored specimens and be careful to avoid any that are over-ripened or bruised. Fruit props are ideal for highlighting key ingredients in health food products such as vitamins and smoothies and skincare brands. They bring essential context and vibrancy to your product shoot and can be stored away to use later and freshened up with a quick bath in cool water (anyone else hungry?).


Integratingfabric is a simple and cost-effective way to add interest, texture, and depth to your product shots. In fact, fabrics may just be one of the most accessible and versatile items you can use in photography. Experiment with household fabrics like linen, blouses, or faux sheepskin. If you do wish to purchase specific fabrics take a look at our relatively inexpensiverange and as you've seen they can be used in a multitude of ways!


Cocktail glasses, margarita glasses, wine glasses, and multicolored tumblers can bring elegance and fun to your product photography scene. Our favorite glasswares are those with interesting patterns and designs which in the right light can create interesting shadows which make images pop!


Trays are another prop that you’ll use time and time again as they can be used for many things. Not just for serving up food, but they can be used to fill up space in a flat lay or creatively display a range of skincare or beauty products you are shooting. 

Product Photography Mirror Trays


Ribbon adds a fun playful touch to your product photography shots and can be used for celebratory photos or to fill in a simple flat lay.


Confetti, like ribbon, adds an element of fun and excitement to your product shot. It can spice up an ordinary photo of wine and make it look celebratory when using complementing colours. Get creative with this simple effect and experiment with cupcake sprinkles or bioglitter!  

Tinsel and Cellophane

Iridescent andmetallic shimmering materials are a great way to add sparkle and glam to your product photography shot. Their shiny surfaces catch the light well for a flashy and eye-catching prop idea!

iridescent rainbow cellophane for product photography


Mirrors can add a unique perspective to your product photo and are ideal for cosmetic and beauty flat lays, skincare texture shots, and for emphasizing jewelry, and other small reflective products. For example, placing your jewellery piece on a mirror is a simple way to really show it off from every angle and can create some interesting geometric compositions. They're a versatile addition to have in your prop armoury that can be used for a multitude of purposes.


These help to create a lifelike scene that enables the customer to visualize your product in their own daily routine. Include real-life props like cosmetics, sunglasses, jewelry, scrunchies and makeup bags that create a scene that you might find in the home. Just ensure to keep them in content to the product in question.

Vases and Candle Holders

Decorativedecor pieces can again help customers to think of a warm and cozy setting at home. Experiment with different arrangements and compositions to breathe life into your beauty, skincare, jewelry, or cosmetics product photography.

Magazines and Books

Think about selecting magazines and books that speak to your audience and help tell your brand story. This is a simple way to create emotive compositions that utilise elements of visual storytelling.

If your brand ethos is around self-care, then reach for some motivational, inspirational books with prominent quotes and readings. Or perhaps your brand is high-end and luxurious, then choose magazines that evoke those feelings like Vogue or Vanity Fair. 


Phones, headphones, laptops, and keyboards are props that you properly already own, these are ideal for setting the scene for stationery or office supply brands. Pair them with glasses, magazines, notebooks, and fancy pens.

Stones and Shells 

Perfect for setting the scene for a beach branding shoot. Stones and shells can be used for any natural scene that you want to create and (bonus) they are very readily available for free!

Natural and Dried Flowers

Like fruit, natural flowers and botanicals are essential for shooting eco or organic brands that want to highlight key ingredients used. Whilst dried flowers and leaves are ideal for their longevity and an alternative option to artificial. Dried palm leaves create a modern boho vibe which would be perfect for a beach-y themed product photography shoot.

bunny tail product photography prop

Artificial Plants 

Unlike real plants,artificial plants can be tucked away in your prop cupboard and last forever, and can be dusted off whenever needed. They can make for beautiful shadow props and can do wonders for your photos. Just be cautious as they can look very fake in certain lighting, so ensure to only use them in the correct context.

Hopefully, these prop ideas will give you a spark of inspiration for your product photography!

Even if you already have a stash of beautiful props, it never hurts to switch em up every so often to keep things fresh and on-trend.

Now that you’ve got your props figured out, you might want to check out our post on “4 Common Product Photography Mistakes”.