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4 Common Product Photography Mistakes

Are you struggling to get your images to look... well, half decent? 

Product photography can seem a little daunting, with all that technical jargon, positioning your product at just the right angle... and let's not even mention lighting struggles (sorry I just mentioned it didn't I!). 

All of that can seem a little overwhelming just for a photo! 

I get it... when I first started taking my own product photography, I too felt like it was waaaay over my head, too technical and too hard! But I persisted with it anyway and I've been learning lots as I go along. The more I shoot, the better I become and the more I learn, that old saying practice makes perfect sure rings true with product photography. 

Today I am here to get back to basics, and give you my 4 top tips on what NOT to do. These are the most common errors I see people make the most.

Pay attention to these pointers and you'll vastly improve (trust me) your product photography from today!

1: Poor Lighting

Whatever light you’re using, natural light or artificial light, make sure you’ve got enough of it! If you don’t have studio lights to work with then the sun is your new BFF! Go outside with your backdrops for some bright light and nice hard shadows (that are oh so popular right now) or in front of a nice big window inside. Make sure the face of your product is facing the light source, and use bounce boards or reflectors to reflect / bounce light where the light doesn't reach.

In post production you can increase the exposure but you can’t work miracles. So it's best to try and get your lighting right from the start. 

natural light product photography

2: Off Brand Colours 

Try to choose a neutral background, or a colour that matches with your brand. 

Colour consistency is key to forming a cohesive, professional image and it also helps to maintain brand recognition.

Did you know that colour is often the first thing people remember about your brand?

Your brand image plays a vital role in how people perceive your business. Inconsistent colours will often leave them struggling to identify and build loyalty with your brand. It also makes your brand difficult to remember. By using your brand’s colours consistently, you create a professional and easily recognisable business!

3: Busy Backgrounds

Keeping the props in your frame as simple and as clear as possible, ensures that your product really stands out. Don’t over complicate it by using every single prop you own in a single image.

Keep the main point, the main point (your product) and have that front and centre. Your props are there to compliment your product not take away it’s limelight.

4: Dirty Products:

Before taking your photos, make sure your product is as clean as possible. 

Using a clean rag (or as normally I do, the t-shirt I’m wearing) wipe away any fingerprints, dust or marks.

You’ll be surprised with how many imperfections your camera manages to capture, so its best to save yourself some editing and wipe away as much as possible before hand.

Are you guilty of any of these common mistakes? Join me on Instagram and join the conversation!

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