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When it comes to product photography shots, backdrops can make all the difference. They're an essential element in bringing life to your imagery and make your photos really pop!

What customers find appealing is not just a set of products, but the overall visual presentation that captures their attention. This is why it's so important to make your product stand out in just a matter of seconds (three to be exact!).

When it comes to customer purchasing decisions, appealing photos are just the beginning. Other elements like on brand props and backdrops can also have an impact on what consumers buy!

When you’re looking to buy a new product photography background, there are many options available!

But before breaking out in an anxiety-filled sweat let's explore these six different backdrops: 

6 background ideas for your product photography

Solid Color Photography Backgrounds

The use of solid colored backdrops brings life and playfulness to your shoot. The dual-sided background adds some dimension in the imagery you create with it! Solid colors are a great way to represent your business's brand identity and gain consistent recognition for it. No matter what your brand color is - we’ve got you covered with our bold and attention grabbing ranges from classic black and white, through dreamy pastels. Or, if you're in need of some natural harmony, then try out our beautiful neutral options!

pastel product photography background backdrops

Patterned Photography Backgrounds

Knowing which backgrounds to use for your product photography is a matter of knowing what mood you’re trying to set. Patterned backdrops are perfect if you’re looking to create an authentic more immersive experience. From bathroom tiles for skincare scenes to calming water effects which would be perfect for your summery scene. And don't forget about our marble table top designs for that luxury home lifestyle pic!

tile product photography background backdrop bathroom scene blue

Curtain Photography Backgrounds

Whether you're shooting products or still life, a curtain backdrop behind your subject can make all of the difference in terms of those love hearts on social media! A red curtain will add lots of cheer to your Christmas themed shots. Choose a colour that will complement your subject - hang and shoot away.

Curtain product photography background backdrop

Tinsel Photography Backgrounds

You can really add some sparkle your product photography with tinsel backdrops! They're best suited for soft natural light during day and window illumination which allows you to capture all those beautiful prism reflections!

Or try placing them behind your scene, draped around your product, or lay your product on top. You can either hang your tinsel fringe backdrops or tape them to a wall and get as much of that beautiful, artsy lighting you're looking for!

Try a bunch of different setups until you find one that gives off that amazing effect - guaranteed wow factor every time!

product photography backdrop idea tinsel streamers

Fabric Photography Backgrounds

Using fabric as a backdrop is a simple way to add interest, texture, and depth to your product shots. In fact, fabrics may just be one of the most accessible and versatile items you can use in photography. Experiment with fabrics like linen, silk, gauze, leather or plush. Best of all they can be used over and over again in a multitude of ways!

product photography backdrop idea fabric

Light Effect Photography Backgrounds

When you need a photoshoot with the most creative background, look no further than light effects! 

Product photography lights are great for producing coloured light effects anywhere. Place them at the front, the back or at either side of your product to create a variety of looks and moods.

Another bonus - you can use them at any time of day. Nighttime photography skills are improved by taking photos in a dark room that’s lit with these colour hues only! With the help of some light effects, you can create a photoshoot that's out-of this world!

Choosing the best backdrop for your brand will help you build your brand identity and make your product stand out among competitors. Each option offers a different style, so what’s your type? If you still haven’t quite made up your mind on what best suits your product or brand, we can highly recommended the white background for it’s beauty and simplicity.