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How To Elevate Your Product Photography Using Props

Product photography props are an important element of any photoshoot, they bring context and interest to the product. They can also illustrate the product’s intended use, highlight key features, or provide other important visual messages about the product.

Here are 5 simple ways you can elevate your product photography using professional props and simple items you can find outside or laying around the home!

Use Height

Literally elevate your product photography by using height! Placing your product higher in your scene naturally draws your eye to it first. You can do this by placing it onwooden blocks, bricks, stones, ortransparent acrylic risers

Use Nature

Nature can provide us with some of the most beautiful props, from tropical palm leaves to delicate rose petals and each natural element will tell a different story. Flowers and their petals could be used for a soft perfume shoot, stones and shells can be used for beach scenes, and tropical fauna creates some beautiful shadow play! 

Take a look around your own garden to see what you can utilize, otherwise, I find that flowers at my local supermarket are significantly cheaper than a florist, and I also have a wide range ofdried and artificial flowers too! 

Use Water

Water shots are so on-trend right now! So if it’s in context with your product, there are a few ways you can utilize this versatile prop. Try creating a condensation, dewy look by using a spray bottle to wet the surface of your product. Use a transparent tray on top of a coloured background to create splash, ripples and droplet effects around your product. Or use that same tray above your product to create water reflections! If you really want a challenge yourself, you could always find a larger transparent container (like a fish tank) fill it up with water and drop the product in shooting it through the glass.

TIP: Why not try ourclear acrylic water effect plate to add a unique texture to your images without the mess!

Use Texture

Sand,stone,wood,satin, even cake sprinkles really help to set the tone of your image. Soft, hard, smooth, rough … all of these adjectives describe something we can feel, so when it’s successfully photographed in the form of texture, it adds strength to the photo by creating the desire to touch what is seen.

For example, a luxuriously smooth fabric like satin would be perfect for your jewelry or perfume product photography, while some rough stone can really elevate images of watches or razors.

Take a look around you at what you can utilize. Experiment with household textures like linen, blouses, bricks, logs, or knitwear.

Use Light

Getting creative with light and shadows in product photography can help add interest and excitement to your imagery. Create a unique rainbowspectrum effect as light passes through aglass prism or utilize a window, plant, or one of ourshadow casting creators to create interesting shadows.

glass prism for product photography rainbow effect

Ultimately, what you’re doing with product photography is selling a lifestyle. Your images should be aspirational and create a desire in the customer to own the product. If you’ve done that, then you’ve done your job!