Resin Geometric Terrazzo Stone Look Photography Props

Terrazzo stone is back in a big way, and our resin geometric terrazzo stone look photography props are the perfect way to showcase your products! Mix and match these pieces to create an eye-catching display for your food, cosmetics, or jewelry products. With a natural tone of voice, these props will help you show off your products in their best light.

Set 1: Rectangle 30x25cm, Circle 2x10cm, Circle 12x2cm
Set 2: Circle 2x10cm, Circle 12x2cm, Slab 8x15x22cm
Set 3: Large Portal 24.5x31.5x2, Slab 8x15x22cm
Set 4: Rectangle 30x25cm, Slab 8x10x20cm, Slab 6x10x15cm
Set 5: Circle 10x2, Circle 20x2, Circle Cut Out 16x0.9cm, Wave 12x6.8cm
Set 6: Wave 23x10.5x2cm, Cube 7x7x7cm, Stairs 10x15cm, Crescent 13x16x0.9cm
Set 7: Arch 21.5x10cm, Arch 15.5x7cm, Arch 11x10cm, Quarter Pipe 10x10cm

Material and Care 

Please note pattern placement and colour will vary slightly due to the hand painted method in which they are created.

Hand Painted Resin Board - Terrazzo Stone Look. Wash surface lightly with soft (non-abrasive), damp cloth - use only warm water and a diluted, mild dish detergent. Pat dry and then let it air dry completely.