Waterproof Vinyl Photography Backdrop - White Brush Stroke

This versatile white brush stroke paint backdrop is perfect for capturing cosmetics, food, and other small products in stunning detail. The minimalist design is perfect for a wide range of photography styles, from clean and modern to organic and rustic. The waterproof vinyl material is durable and easy to clean, making it a great choice for professional photographers or anyone who wants to up their Instagram game.

It's 100% water-proof, dust-proof and tear-proof, making it ideal for professional photographers, content creators and small businesses. Plus, its easy to clean and store, making it a must-have for your photography studio or home office. Transform your space and create magic with our Warped Checkers Backdrop. Please allow for slight variation in color on this backdrop. Some of the tones may vary slightly in how they appear on your screen in the photos our site. 


Approx 57x87cm - please allow a 5-10mm difference in the final size.

Material and Care

Printed on matt, antireflective, high-quality, tear-proof vinyl. All our backdrops are rolled up and carefully packaged into a poster box before being shipped. Please note, your backdrop will vary slightly depending on your screen calibration, please allow for slight colour variances. Store away from direct sunlight to prevent fading when not in use.