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Resin Photography Prop Circular Riser Bundles

Due to popular demand, we have curated 3 unique 6 piece riser props sets - or you can create your own set! Featuring a smooth matte surface that's waterproof, washable, and stain-resistant! Handcrafted in your choice of our unique pastel shades or neutral favorites white or nude - this set is sure to make your next project stand out! Ideal for elevating food, jewelry, beauty and cosmetic product photos.

  • Our pastel bundle is a dream collection for anyone looking to add a wide range of subtle photography stand options to their collection. Each color & size in the collection is as pictured, including the following colors: nude, yellow, mint, baby pink, lilac and light blue
  • Our new white and nude options in the circular riser bundle have the same 6 favorite circular sizes featured in the pastel bundle, but in all one shade. Select either nude or white.
  • Create your own 6pc bundle set! Use any of our standard 24 colors to create your own bundle. A team member will be in touch via email after you place your order to help you curate your custom bundle (from our standard color chart) and help you identify which colors you would like in each size. Please note that fulfillment in some colors may not be immediate depending on sizes and colors you select.

*If you'd like custom Pantone color not listed as one of our standard offerings, there will be an additional fee for this customization. Custom bundles may be 2-4 weeks before shipment to allow for manufacturing and fulfillment. Please contact us and we will help you curate your custom Pantone Bundle and send you a personalized quote. 


Included:  6 pieces
Sizes Included:



Materials and Care:

Spray painted resin board.Wash surface lightly with soft (non-abrasive), damp cloth - use only warm water and a diluted, mild dish detergent. Pat dry and then let it air dry completely.