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Double-Sided Photography Backdrop - Yellow/Mustard

Our double-sided product photography backdrops are water-resistant and dustproof making them a versatile option for cosmetics, beauty and skincare product photography shoots.

These feature dual colours which makes them practical and affordable. Coated with a satin matt film, they are water-resistant and dustproof helping to protect them from stains and any potential water damage. Please allow for slight variation in color on this backdrop. Some of the tones may vary slightly in how they appear on your screen in the photos our site. 


Approx 57x87cm - please allow a 5-10mm difference in the final size.

Material and Care

Paper coated with a water-resistant film. All our backdrops sheets are rolled up and carefully packaged into a poster box before being shipped. Please note, your backdrop will vary slightly depending on your screen calibration, please allow for slight colour variances. Store away from direct sunlight to prevent fading when not in use.