Acrylic Transparent Boards Circle Set

These transparent acrylic plates are perfect for beauty flat lays, skincare texture shots, jewellery and small products. They're a versatile pieces that can be used for a multitude of purposes, great for breaking up straight lines in a shot and giving a more organic look when using them as a featured element. Pick your favorite color, or select multiple sets in different colors and see the beautiful shades you can create.

Let your imagination run wild! Each set comes with 3 circles of varying sizes, all in the same color.

Materials and Care:

Transparent Colored Acrylic. Both sides of the product are affixed with protective film, so please remove the protective film before using.

Before and after use, wipe down microfibre cloth to clear any dust and fingerprints. When not in use, wrap each piece individually with a microfibre cloth or plastic film to prevent any rubbing or scratching.